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Aoudad Sheep Hunting in Texas

Shonto Ranch Aoudad Sheep Hunting. Since the 1950s the Texas Hill Country has offer hunters the challenging opportunity to hunt this large, exotic rugged sheep.  Extremely wary of people, the sheep's keen eyesight, sense of smell and excellent hearing give it the advantage to sense danger, while it's agility and split hooves allow it to scramble up vertical cliffs, to watch from a high vantage point.  Getting close enough for a shot is a real challenge.  Be prepared to stalk!
The Aoudad's tan-rust coloration allows it to blend into the Hill Country landscape especially since they are most active during twilight and pre-dawn hours.  The exotic front forelegs have shaggy "chaps"; the male's neck mane can reach down to the lower part of its chest.
Rams have the distinctive heavy triangular shaped, curled horns that curve in, then back and out, ending in a point. Trophy rams measure between 28-34 inches, and a typical Aoudad ram can weigh up to 320 pounds. Shonto Ranch's intensive feeding and nutrition program ensure trophy quality horns and large body sizes.

Aoudad Sheep Hunt includes:

  • Private and Exclusive Use of Shonto Ranch  
  • Field dressing of animal
  • Transportation to meat processor and Taxidermist
  • Fishing on our 4.5 miles of private creeks with 10 lakes
  • Use of Party Pavilion

Aoudad Hunt Pricing:

Aoudad Trophy Fee: $3,500 up to 30"  ,   30" and above $4500

Daily Guiding Fee: $300 a day for up to 3 hunters (i.e. if you have 3 hunters in your hunting party it is $100 per hunter per day) * For hunting parties larger than 3hunters add $150 per hunter per day..

  • Your booking reserves our ranch EXCLUSIVELY for you and your hunting guests. (4 or more Trophies)
  • We welcome Corporate Groups.
  • Animals that are wounded will be charged same fees as if killed.
  • Bow hunting hunters welcomed.


For Aoudad Sheep Hunting in Texas Contact:

Chris Childs, president and owner
(210) 317-4578


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